Education Course

  • Art and Primary Education Department

Art and Primary Education Department

Students become specialists of Primary Education and Art Therapy, who foster and nurture children’s minds.

At today’s schools, there are demands for unprecedented specialties such as care for children’s minds and mental development. The Art and Primary Education Department meets these needs and fosters specialists who understand and nurture children’s minds while bringing them up. Students can gain knowledge and skills needed for primary education specialists, and obtain certificates for elementary and kindergarten teachers. Furthermore, students learn educational techniques for infants and children who need extra care and “art therapy” in the filed of welfare. In addition to theory, we provide students with opportunities to practice with actual students on campus as well as kindergartens, elementary schools, and welfare facilities. We offer many classes to polish the power to deal with problems at a work environment. The Art and Primary Education Department is an interactive world of learning. We foster students’ dreams to be teachers or to be engaged in professions related to children and bring their interests in the arts to high level of specialty.

Primary Education Course

Teachers who have compassionate hearts are in demand now.

Our curricula make it possible for students to obtain Elementary School Teacher’s Primary License and Kindergarten Teacher’s Primary License. We foster teachers who take leading parts in the primary education field while making the most of their studies while learning the relations between the fields of education, psychology, and the arts. Students can obtain specialized knowledge of child development, roles and effects of paintings, visual arts and music. We foster educators who can protect children as a bridge between families and institutes with compassionate hearts.

Art Therapy Course

Art Therapy is drawing considerable attention from not only schools but also institutions related to art education and local governments.

In addition to the same licenses of the Arts and Primary Education Course, students study artistic subjects (painting, visual arts, music, physical expressions) which are characteristics of our university.
We foster highly specialized educators who deeply understand the important role of arts in human development. Now, this course is drawing attention from both artistic institutions and local governments.