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Musicology Department

The courses named “Music and Acoustic Design” and “Musical Education” foster professionals of music which echoes the society.

In the Music and Acoustic Design Course, students come to grips with composition based on the foundation of western classical music, producing of electric sounds and music by computer, and practice of sound design while studying history of music and ethnomusicology of the world. In the Musical Education Course, we offer the curriculum including subjects for teachers’ certificate course. Students develop their abilities of singing and rendering piano, wind, strings, percussion, and Japanese music while nurturing qualities and skills necessary for educators.

Music and Sound Design Course

With a comprehensive understanding and quest of music, we see possibilities of the sound and music.

Students understand and research music comprehensively for music by mainly studying on “Creation”, “Musical Theory (History of Music and Theory of Music), and “Theory of Musical Engineering”. Students compose a wide range of musical works such as percussion and vocal music, electric sound /music, and multimedia. They master techniques of recording and sound effects of concerts. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of fields of studies such as a relationship between sounds (music) and social environment and musical cultures of the world.

Music Education Course

Music desired by society makes a person wanted by society.

Students efficiently keep up with specific learning of musical performance and studies for musical education and instruction. The character of the Musical Education Course is that students develop techniques of performance and instruction for solid musical guidance after obtaining a grounding of music. Nowadays, musical educators and instructors are demanded in various fields such as school education, early-childhood and life-long education. We train educators and instructors who can teach not only techniques but also musical appeal which echoes with hearts.

Music Performance Department

We thoroughly develop the leaning environment to support students’ dreams as musical performers.

In the Music Performance Department, we provide an ideal environment to progress toward more advanced skills as performers. We have soundproof classrooms, lesson rooms, and several performance halls, one-on-one instructions, and full entry supports for on and off campus concerts. In the library, a large collection of musical scores and invaluable materials on guidance theories are housed. At the audio-visual facility, students can study the theme which they are interested in such as performance techniques and acting of opera. In this rich environment, students can improve their worth as musicians.

Piano Course

Studies, lessons, and auditions. Students are becoming performers while learning.

In the class called “Studies on Works”, students study about the great musicians and background of their works and make the most of the knowledge when they perform. In the practical classes called “Accompaniment” and “Piano Duo”, students develop advanced techniques in piano and train sensibilities and expand their expressive power. A piano concert is held every year by students who are selected by audition regardless of academic year. Excellent students are recommended for various concerts and they are given opportunities to improve their ability.

Vocal Music Course

Abundant expression supported by techniques and knowledge is called true singing ability.

In this course, students understand fundamental structures of music and aspire to be professional vocalists. They master vocal and acting expressions for opera and musical, expressions and methods for German, Italian, French, and Japanese songs. Students continue to study for the rehearsal of opera performance held in the fourth year. To demonstrate the fruit of their efforts, the opera performance is held every year. They are supported to participate in the various concerts.

Winds, Strings, and Percussion Instruments Course

A study in every-day lives becomes a research.  The extension of daily lives becomes presentation.

Students develop performing technique for their respective instruments while studying a broad range of musical works from Baroque to the present-day music. In the first year, students learn know-how to create sounds and ensemble methods as a base for concerts. They participate in various recitals to study the methods. Through practice of string ensembles, orchestra and chamber music, students develop abilities. Another characteristic of the program is that students can participate in the orchestra with professional performers to demonstrate what they have learned during their four years of study.

Popular Music Course

This is the only university in Japan where students can study and deepen the understanding of popular music.

The university is the only in the world in which students are provided with practical training for composition, arrangements, and vocal instruction not to mention performing of popular music such as pops, rock and jazz. The course is composed of nine parts as majors. The front-line professional musicians teach all the classes. Students aim to find their own individuality as players from studying the basic. Graduates are active in each genre of the popular music industry.

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