Facilities and Equipment of Institution In the vast campus which has an area of approximately 340,000 square meters, there is a forest of arts studded with numerous state-of-the-art facilities. Students can pursue and demonstrate their intellectual and creative power.

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Facilities and Equipment of Institution

The Art Information Center (Hideyo Tsukamoto Memorial Hall)

The center is a traditional and innovative symbol of our university.

The Art Information Center was built in 1981 as a symbol of our university with eight stories above ground and three basement levels. The Art Information Center includes a variety of facilities which reflects our university such as Library, Art Hall with a pipe organ, and Audio-Visual Hall for movies and special lectures. This facility continuously receives visitors in and around our university as events and exhibitions of every kind are held all through the year.

Osaka University of Arts Library

Welcome to the Osaka University of Arts Library, a mansion holding intelligence for the arts.

The total holdings of printed books and periodicals are more than 250,000 volumes including various and diverse collections of specialized materials of arts from all ages and countries. In addition to the printed materials, the library houses more than 90,000 volumes of audio-visual resources and musical scores. In the fields of music and film, the library continues to enrich its collections. The library sponsors art projects and events using its collections, therefore, many students make good use of the facility.

Osaka University of Arts Museum

A hall of arts and sounds stimulates students’ enthusiasm for creation.

The distinguished works of arts and crafts from Japan and abroad such as the collection of gramophone from the 19th to the middle of 20th century and the photographic collection of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the four sets in the world are collected, housed and opened to the public.

Art Theater

A large-scale facility expresses all about the stage arts.

As a facility for practice of the stage arts and its broadcasting, there is a full-fledged theatrical facility which seats approximately 600 people. The theater which has a stage which extends back a long way corresponds to a wide variety of performances. As a place for trial of lighting, sounds and stage arts and practice of various kinds of musical expressions, each department utilizes the Art Theater.

Movie Theater

The full-scale movie theater has 119 seats and the up-to-date equipment.

The movie theater has the state-of-the art equipment such as 35mm film projector, digital projector, the Dolby Sound 6.1chEX. Students can put on their films at the theater. We invite first-class movie directors, screenwriters and actors to the theater for special lectures and film previews. The movie theater is utilized as a practical place regarding movies.

Athletic Facilities

A beautiful architecture stands delightfully on the main street of the campus.

In the inner part of the main street of the campus, a beautiful glass wall stands as if it envelopes the lawn. The extensive gymnasium awarded the Osaka Urban Landscape Architecture Award in 1999 has facilities which are indispensable to a campus life such as large and small-scale arenas, fitness room, gallery, bookstore, eateries, and shops and so on. The building is a place of rest and relaxation.

Facilities and Equipment

We support students in their creation by offering up-to-date and full-scale facilities.

In our university, each department has full-fledged facilities to support studies such as TV studios with digital high vision systems of the Broadcasting Department, a movie studio where a movie set can be assembled of the Visual Concept Planning Department, and ateliers of the Fine and Visual Arts Departments.

Student Service Facilities

We have substantial facilities to support learning on campus.

Our facilities are elements for learning. In our campus, we have substantial facilities to make each creative activity smooth.

Training Centers

There are two training centers in natural surrounds.

There are recreational facilities for students, alumna, faculty members and staff in Wakayama Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture. These two facilities are used differently depending upon purposes and seasons. For example, these institutions are utilized for various purposes such as a training camp, seminar excursion and so on.